Sunday, September 19, 2010

Here comes the sun.

Hey everyone!

Sorry if my last post scared any of you, I guess I just got scared.
I'm kind of on a massive emotional roller coaster, I keep thinking everythings finally better again, and then woop, I'm off in tears.

Anywayyy, today was the greatest day I've had in quite a while and it really uplifted my mood again (hopefully it'll last this time). Meow and I went to a lovely little country town and oh, we had fun. We went on a bushwalk, were the only noobs in a yoga retreat thingo, explored the only three shops open, made friends with some great random guys at the skate park... may not sound great, but trust me it was. And it was just what I needed.

AND tomorrow I'm going off to the Gold Coast, so woot for sun and theme parks and such!
So I will miss all you lovelies for a week but I'm sure I'll return that little bit more happy, tanned and relaxed.

Ten photos that sum up what I've been feeling recently (or that just make my life):

Dear friends,
(when I get back)
Meow: Footy barbeque and more country adventures ;)
Dandy and Mario: 'Slumber party' and Skins marathon
Ti and Yoghurt: Pizza or city or baking at Ti's
Oh: Zumba with Tiktok

Everyone else, have a marvellous week.

xoxo Camelgirl


  1. this comment is going to be super misspelyt because imn rushing like a mofo. I love you with all my heart and i hope you have an amazing time in Queensland. does this mean i have to buy pj pants?


  2. I get what you mean about being an emotional rollar coaster. I go through a cycle of good and bad. Have fun!

  3. sounds like you are human, good to know. :)

    hope you had a good weekend and an even better week.

  4. I'm glad you're feeling a bit better! Have fun & feel MUCH BETTER by the time you get back! =)
    Awesome pics!


  5. dear camelgirl,
    thank you for your kind words, and i really felt like i was reading about myself when i read this post! those pictures really describe me!!

    and i know what its like to have a great day once in a while, and i think honestly, sometimes only you're the one that knows you had the best day! xxxxx

  6. aw camelgirl, i've missed reading your blogs so much, and this was a lovely post to come back too!
    the pictures are amazing.
    xx scarzz

  7. I love the second last photo :)

    I've started a travel blog, by the way.

    It doesn't have much yet, but anyway...

    Love you xx

  8. so totally fun. hope your time is great on the coast.


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