Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I was living in an awkward silence.

I just want to thank you, you, you and you for coming into my life,
for being here,
for simply existing.

Everything is somehow better now,
or so it seems.

(Dandy and Mario can we do this? Spring photoshoot, me thinks.)

I really hope this feeling lasts but even if it doesn't,
I know it will come back.
It always does.

I had a fantastic holidays, some of the highlights were: catching up with Disco for the first time in more than a year, sleeping over at Meow's, ace gang sleepover at MC's, Castlemaine with Meow and playing 'sweet or sour' with Dandy, Mario,Yoghurt and Cinderella and then sleeping over at Dandy's.

School is back, but it's been good so far, there's been some fun 'toggaz', a good letter, an amusing walk home, a brilliant conversation over cheesecake, a lolsworthy list and a Zumba class.

I'll write again soon, but I need to get better sleeping habits.

Oh, p.s., I got a job at a video store.

We're going to make it through, I know we are.

xoxo Camelgirl


  1. You have every right to be happy you silly wonderful girl. What if im too short and cant reach the clothes line? I'll have to stand on a box. Im glad you're happy and that zumba made your day. ^^ Love you heaps.

    P.S: This blog doesnt do lame.

  2. aww congrats on the game store job!! and I wish you more good times and feelings!

  3. Those feelings are the best kind. Don't worry about anything I say or do. I'm sure I'll update you in person eventually. haha (I'm pretty keen to!) I wish I was there for the holidays. It would have been better.
    If you guys do do that photoshoot. Please show it!

    it'd be so good.

  4. I'm glad you're feeling so happy! Being back at school can actually be good. And congrats on the job!

  5. WOW! good job on the video store job? which place? please tell me movie reel. that would be awesome. glad to hear your hols were good. thanks for commenting so much, you always have great advice and i really appreciate it!


  6. hooray for good feelings, i hope they last for longer or ultimately forever then you'd be like superhuman, would be cool.
    & yes to photo shoot :D

  7. I wish my good moods would last forever! But I guess they wouldn't be so special then...
    I hope school continues to go good! :)
    You'll have good memories at your job.!

    Love the pics.


  8. Oh, dearest, reading this has made me feel so joyous. I'm so glad to hear you had a fantastic break, and I hope that this feeling lasts, too. You are such an optimistic soul; lion-hearted, I tell you!
    I am so glad to know you. xxx

  9. I'm glad you are happy. You deserve happiness.
    Stay beautiful.



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