Monday, August 2, 2010

I'm not afraid to sleep now.

Hey everyone!
I missed you all, and simply the wonderful world of Blogger.
(Welcome new followers, I love you, I love you, I love you.)
It's just, sometimes it's too hard, you know?

But now, I've had some brilliantly refreshing experiences in another country (China) and some of that amazing medicine called time and after my lovely weekend I feel, well... sort of fixed.

SO, I've also decided that this month, the month of August, is going to be my 'Get My Shit Together' month, a clever idea thought up by the always inspiring Erimentha. Read about it here.

What's been happening for me other than that?

-My netball team won our first final and are through to the next.
-I'm sorry Blogger, but I must confess, I've started using Tumblr quite a bit, so if anyone has a tumblr, send me the link and I'll follow you. :)

-When I got back from China I was all, 'Now there's nothing to look forward to.' But then I realised I can't expect the world to make itself interesting, it's up to me. Hahaha. And I've been a good little girl and done my homework and walked my dog and tidied my room and gotten a bit of that motivation I once had back.

-I'm going through the Harry Potter series again.
As my brother said, 'How many times will this be?' Probably about the tenth.
This might seem pretty insignificant but Harry Potter gives me such hope.

 Don't get left behind.

xoxo Camelgirl


  1. You've motivated me to take on the 'Get My Shit together' this month. And to read the Harry Potters again. Yeah, Harry's awesome..^^

  2. hello:) i tagged you!
    tegan xo

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  4. love harry potter too <3 and its true, i kinda stopped using blogger and tumblr so much more now. its easier i guess

  5. Good luck with the get your shit together month <3 Since you're reading them all again does that mean i can start quoting it more? *hopeful*


  6. Harry Potter is amazing, I read the books every winter :)

    Lucky you, I'd love to go to China one day!

  7. I am glad you are back & feeling better!
    Congrats to you and your netball team!
    I am reading Harry Potter right now for my first time! I of course love it! I'm on the 3rd one. :)
    Hm I can't remember if I am following you or not, but here's my link. I'll follow you if I'm not already.


  8. I'm glad you're so happy! My tumblr is:
    I'll follow you back!

    My sister is a Harry Potter fanatic too. She owns three copies of the series, two American (one for reading, one for desplay) and one British. It's kind of insane, but pretty freaking awsome at the same time. And Congrats on Netball!
    I was wondering, do you think you could comment on my latest post? I need lots of help on it, and I could really use yours. :)

  9. lovely post.
    and yes! i was at the cat empire concert!!
    it was so good!


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