Monday, August 16, 2010

You're right behind me as before.

Rolling down hills, posing in the streets with a giant penguin, dancing around a fire at night, going crazy in the rain, playing scrabble in front of a fire on rainy days, playing music in front of big crowds, having picnics that turn into food fights, sprinting through sprinklers in a big oval early in the morning;

These are the things that make me feel infinite;
These are the things that make me feel hope;
These are the things that make me feel real;
These are the things that make me feel alive.

And you can't ever take that away from me.

xoxo Camelgirl


  1. wow, that was beautiful.
    i love your writing.

  2. I love it,
    You're amazing.
    this is amazing.

    I want that feeling so much.

  3. You're crazy good.

    Sanchez & Robin said all I was going to say.

  4. this is pretty much amazing. :)

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  6. One of the best things you've posted in a while. Freaking amazing. But then again, you're always pretty freaking amazing.

  7. Hey Camelgirl? Can you stop posting such amazing things? It's just unbearable how good they are. I'm sorry.

    :D Maly Xx.

  8. *giggles* Awww even Cheshire commented. I feel all warm and slightly less tense and angsty. Thank you.

  9. you are truly amazing.
    the way you write is so beautiful, and meaningful and real.

    i have a cassie tag for you :)

  10. HELLO! .. It is so nice to bump with this blog, I must say that it is very CREATIVE! and off course it is amazing how much you can learn from reading what others have to share. Thank for taking time and I'll be back for more! ...

    P.S. Lovely Picture

    Love Send Ari!

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  11. I felt special,then I came home and now I I really that special? How am I special in one place and in the other I struggle to keep my head above ground...


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