Sunday, January 24, 2010

I just want to be there when the morning light explodes

The fantabulous Sabine Cara has tagged me for the Kreativ Blogger Award!

I have to tell you seven things about myself, and then tag seven other people.
1. When I was little, I used to be scared of going to sleep when I felt like I was going to throw up, because someone told me a story of how someone vomited while they were asleep so they like choked on the vomit and died.
 2. I apparently always seem cheerful.
3. Both my hair and eyes, are odd colours, that different people lable differently. Some say I have blonde hair, some say red and some say brown. With my eyes, some say green, some say blue and some say grey.
4. I skipped grade one.
5. I want to learn Latin and my friend and I might be going to Latin classes this year, hopefully.
6. I don't watch much T.V. but I love Gilmore Girls, Skins and One Tree Hill.
7. Sometimes when I raise my eyebrow, my eyebrow goes weird and twitches for a few minutes.

I tag this onto:
Leandra Greenmoon

xoxo Camelgirl


  1. I recently found your blog, but I couldn't find comment. I just got a Google Account and now I can.
    I think you have the best pictures ever on here, and you describe in words what I can't.

  2. Lol I meant I couldn't comment.

  3. Wow, thankyou Abby, if you think that, perhaps you could follow me ;)
    Haha, only kidding.

  4. Congrats on the award! I used to be scared of going to sleep as well.

  5. thankyou!! :) sorry it took me so long to get onto this post, holidays=madness :P anyhow hope you are well

  6. you totally deserved the tag.

    and haha @ the vomit. yuck.

    xx scarzz

  7. hahahahahaha the earbrow thing! and sorry about the vomit thing, YUKKO!

    thanks for the tag. xxx

    hope you're alright...your blog seems a little down and i know your class sucks but...yeah =(



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