Tuesday, January 19, 2010

You open my eyes better than anyone.

Julia has awarded me the "Happy 101" award. So therefore, I must post 10 things that make me happy and make sure I do at least one of them today:
-Floating in the ocean, staring at a bright blue sky, and turning the clouds into animals.
-Hysterical fits of laughter that you actually can't control.
-Sleeping in a tent with great friends.
-Taking photos.
-Seeing all the songs on my iPod with cover art.
-Dancing in the rain.
-Playing netball, especially when I play well.
-Playing Scrabble.
-Reading and writing and letters.
-Listening to music.

I tag this onto: ツ♥Maly™♥, Sabine Cara and Jokerman.

Oh and hurrah, thank you to my most recent two followers!
You got me up to thirty, finally!

xoxo Camelgirl


  1. hi hun. thanks for visiting and commenting (: love how colourful your blog is! my favourite is the hysterical fits of laughter bit. it's my favourite too, and i wish i had more of those moments (: xo


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