Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Just a minute... November

Reading... Quite a lot, for the first time in ages. But after tomorrow when I have purchased it I shall be reading the last installment in the Georgia Nicolson books!

Listening... to the Glee Soundtrack, Colbie Collait, Jason Reeves, Lisa Mitchell, Lenka and Lilly Allen. Haha... not much or anything.

Watching...Glee, One Tree Hill and Skins.

Buying...Some new clothes please! I need some new shorts, I want new bathers, dresses etc.
I hope I go on a shopping trip before Vanuatu.

Loving... Fruit, slurpees, spending time with friends, swimming and the lead up to summer and Christmas and Vanuatu.

Wanting... A good and new camera, a hair straightener, new clothes, One Tree Hill Season 3 and a typewriter. Oh and my own computer, but like that'll happen.
Happiness and love.

xoxo Camelgirl


  1. Id love a typewriter!! great post! :)
    my camera recently died apparently due to a grain of sand getting in the lens, what are the chances!? xx

  2. A novel way of dropping hints as to what you want for christmas - I might give it a go myself.

  3. I would love love love to have a typewriter!
    My friend's obsessed with the Gee Nicks series!
    I must say, i love Dave the Laugh (I haven't actually read a complete book.. I get my friend to bookmark me all the cute bits.. haha!)


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