Wednesday, November 11, 2009

All I've done is drink tea.

 'Oh, sun sun sun, 

you better not shine on me, me me.'

It is still incredibly hot here in the realm of Melbourne.
If it is this hot now, what will it be like in Summer.

 I miss the days when water fights were legal.

Oh, and I have been told that my last post was 'copying' Catherine from A life in seven billion,
so I apologise to you, Catherine, and anybody else who believes that...
It wasn't at all deliberate, but I went on her site after being told this, I saw where this accusation could have come from, I had even used two pictures that she has also used.

I had to get one of my injections for Vanuatu today, and they gave me one the 'I did' band-aids!

Oh, and I managed to get my whole class an extension on this huge assignment thing we'd all been stressing about! And our commerce teacher has decided to put our exam about two weeks later!

I better hop off and stop procrastinating!
Oh, and if you're reading this and not already following me, please do, as I've been one follower away from 15 for ages!
(Sorry, I'm so sad I have to ask, hahaha.)
I hope you're all jolly well!

xoxo Camelgirl

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  1. awww, dont worry at all! im not one of those 'you cant copy me!' people. and the fact that you didnt even mean to? it was a mistake, and not a bad one at all :)

    anyway, i should goo, cyaaa, xxx.


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