Sunday, April 11, 2010

I tried to do headstands for you.

In celebration of my 100th post:

And in the light of my candle I feel like telling you everything.
I am Camelgirl.

I'm fourteen and the youngest, although I don't always seem it.

I have a crazy, irrational love for rain, and whenever it is raining you will see me either, dancing, running or lying beneath it.

I always just miss 11:11 and promise myself I won't next time.

Sometimes I get confused and think that I've changed, but really, I'm just standing on a platform of life, watching everybody and everything pass me by.

I can get upset really easily, but I can also become ecstatic in seconds.
(You could just say I'm moody)

I keep a list with all the people that have left me and sometimes I lie in bed, clutching it and let myself just miss them.

I like people who understand me without me having to explain anything.

When I was little and we went to the zoo, I would just sit and stare at the hippopotamuses.

If you smoke, you automatically go down in my books, sorry.

I suck at making decisions, and I regret nearly all that I make.

I will one day live in England.
(Oh, and did I mention I'll be fluent in Italian.)

Some days I just want to let it all come tumbling out of my mouth,
But I stop myself just in time.

Dreams fascinate me.
A lot.

I complain too much.
I feel I have the inability to change things.

I stay up too late and hate myself for it,
But I’ll do it again the next night anyway.

Sometime in my life I fell in love with the sky.

Once again, I've spoken of too much.

xoxo Camelgirl


  1. Firstly Wowwww 100 thats so good congrats.
    And About the flying things...If you want I can give you a piggie back and i can run around while you flap your arms.

    i'll let you think it over.



  2. I agree. Eew cigarettes.
    One of my best friend smokes.
    I hate being around it sooo much. The smell gives me a headache.

    Anyway, congrats on your 100th post!
    Your blog is so lovely!

    Have a good day!


  3. I love rain and I love people who love rain too :D

  4. This has been my favorite post, so many random things about you! :)

    Oh and I just added up all of your posts, and you only have 99...I used a calculator...

  5. congrats on your 100th(?) post!

  6. 100th post! nice! :)

    wow, we're so similar, and I just realised it.

    you want to live in england too?! awesome x)

    I love this post

    xx scarzz

  7. heyyyy! :)
    yeah, it's been a while. ugh, i feel so guilty for not replying back sooner! :( and also because i haven't been blogging much (i unfortunately think that my blogspot blog is going to be banished to the infamous black hole of the internet).
    but wow, a hundred posts?! that's awesome!! :D i admire you for that. such commitment!
    by the way, do you know why 11.11 is the time to make a wish? i mean, why not 2.22 or 3.33? haha.
    english language is interesting. it's basically linguistics, studying grammar, but also the history of english, and how babies learn language. that's all year 11 stuff. in year 12, we learn about language in australian society, and right now, i'm studying people's attitudes towards language. it's fascinating. you should get a copy of the englang textbook and look at it, and see whether you find that stuff interesting; it could help! :)
    i hoped i helped you!
    congratulations on your 100th post again!

  8. This post is really lovely. Happy 100th! haha:) I can completely relate to the sleep issue but in turn, it makes for the most wacked out dreams which are, you know, always quite nice...

  9. congratulations on your 100th post,
    I love your blog & you've got such a special personality, it seems to me. And I agree on loads of the things you said here!

    ''I like people who understand me without me having to explain anything.''
    exactly. !

  10. what a fabulous blog, i check it weekly :]
    congrats on your 100th post, that's awesome!!

  11. Congrats!! You are such an intersting person.



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