Tuesday, October 6, 2009

We sure are cute for two ugly people.

School is back, but luckily enough for me, it isn't...quite.
This term, each week, two classes from my year level have a week off school, and instead, do a program called Cityscape.
We do workshops in the city and have projects about the city that we all do projects on, and get research for it around the city.
Today was my second day of it and it topped the first day by a lot.
Yesterday, we had to spend half the time petending to be listening to them lecturing us about the rules.
We did go to a radio station, and record ourselves though, which was cool, but we were there for barely any time.
Today, we started off with some Reach workshop, which was made to make us show parts of us that people didn't know about and to make ourselves explore ourselves and things like that.
That was cute because at the end people stood up one at a time and described how they wanted people to remember them.
One girl got really emotional, because she had been bullied in year seven and she was so thankful of her two friends, who she is incredibly close to, and so then they were all standing up (they were far away from each other) and thanking each other and everything.
It was lovely.
Then we got to have a break and walk around the city.
We came back, and we did the organisation for planning our interviews, with people who are proffessional in the field of our research project.
For our research groups, we all had to make a hypothesis, that was to do with Melbourne, and mainly the city.
My group's hypothesis is 'sport is the most popular type of entertainment in Melbourne.'
So today we managed to get ourselves an interview with the editor of the Arts' section of The Age!
We had lunch and then our group set off to The Age building.
We had to sign in as 'visitors' and then we waited for her to meet us in the foyer, and she took my friend Julia, and I to the canteen, where we interviewed her.
She was nice and very helpful and I felt so priveliged.
Then because we had some spare time before we had to head back to the Cityscape building, we decided to go shopping.
I didn't buy anything, but it was fun.

Then I caught the train home, my mum and I finally handed in my passport, which I need to be renewed for my trip to Vanuatu this December, with my netball team!

After, I talked my mum into taking me to the library, which I love and can spend hours in, and I borrowed ten books.
Now I am home and blogging.

Soon, I shall have netball training which may be rather tiring, as I haven't played/trained in ages because of the holidays, and our trip to Vanuatu is coming up, so my netball coach will probably be extra cruel and make us run extra long.

Oh well.

It is good for me.

I love actually playing netball.
The training is just annoying though.

But I couldn't play as well, if I didn't train.

Tomorrow we have more interviewing and surveying to do, we're also going to some Big Issue workshop, and at the end of the day, for some reason, we are going to do a workout at the gym.

xoxo Camelgirl


  1. I really like this blog.

    I really liked hearing about those two girls who stood up and thanked each other. How would you like to be remembered?

    I'm looking forward to City Centre.

  2. ps. you have a blogger tag awaiting you on my blog! xxx


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