Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The smiles ,the laughs, the funny.

Today was another great day.


In the morning, we went to some Big Issue workshop, that was about homelessness, and how they become homeless and how they can try and get back on the right track.

A man who had been homeless for thirteen or so years, and had just in the past two years started to get back  on track, thanks to The Big Issue (which is a magazine that homeless or disadvantaged people can sell,.and get to keep the profit), spoke to us and it was quite inspirational.
It also gave us all a much better idea about what homelessness is like and how people can become homeless without it being their fault.

Then we got a break, and we went to Borders, (oh how I love bookshops), then we went in our research groups.
Except me and my friend, Liz, went with another group because they didn't have enough people because one of their group members was at athletics, and our groups had enough without us.

That was fun, we got Lopresti, to try on black skinny leg jeans and a funny t-shirt and pink sunglasses.

We have to ask people if we can survey them (it's about a 30 second survey) and a lot of people reject us, but some people are really happy to do it, and that makes you feel good.

We then had a lunch of cookie dough.

After that, our whole class went to a fancy gym, and did a great work out on the cycling machines, and many, many sqaut exercises.

Tiring stuff.

We were then dismissed and I had a fun journey home with my friends.

I was in a bit of a crazy mood, but a fun one, and then I talked to a guy who used to be in my class but went to Melbourne High and we had a jolly chat.


In my suburb, there are the two muzzas I have mentioned before who stalk me, but a lot of other people seem to also hate me and I often get glared at by randoms.
Or there are some people who just stare and stare at me.

I was talking about this to my friend as we walked out of the fish and chip shop, and as we did, a lady came out of another shop and as she walked past, she joined the staring club, but oddly enough, she smiled at me.

That made me think of how nice it is when randoms smile at you, and how they normally frown or just stare instead, so I said to my friend, we have to smile at all the randoms who walk past.

The next person we passed was an old lady, and I beamed at her.
At first she was hesitant, and looked confused, but soon a smile crossed her face.

It made me feel good to have made someone else smile.


I smiled at the next few people too.
Some smile, some ignore me, some didn't even notice me.

But I still reccomend you try this.

There's nothing to lose.

xoxo Camelgirl

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  1. I always do that :D (Cause I'm rad).
    Cat xx


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