Friday, September 25, 2009

One Summer Dream.

Holidays are great things.
Although I believe they are a bit too short.
I always just get into the pattern of no school and begin to relax, just as I should be getting back into the pattern of school.
Hmm. At least term four always seems to speed away.
It's the last part of the year and always seems super busy but super fast.
It's going into summer and holidays and Christmas and everyone always seems to be in a jolly good mood.
Term Four this time will bring City Centre (for a week my class and another class from the year level go into the city and work on a project), which should be fun, exams, which shan't be fun, the preperations for Christmas, which should be exciting, the end of another year, which will be both happy, and sad, and SUN, which should be lovely.
Although, and this is a slightly scary thought, at the end of term four, I'm going to play in a netball tournament in Vanuatu with my netball team.
It shall be super fun, but we're doing all this fitness training now, to prepare ourselves for it, which is not so fun.
But it is good for my health, so that's a plus.

Mmm... the prospects of all of these is thrilling!

This year has gone mega fast for me.

Hmm... time is a cheeky thing.

Summer awaits us!

 xoxo Camelgirl

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