Monday, September 28, 2009

Oh sun, sun, sun , you better not shine on me.

Puddles are fun.

I've wanted gumboots for the whole of winter this year and yesterday I realised there were some in my garage.
They were my older sisters' from a few years ago and they fit me.
So I told my friend, who does have gumboots and we decided we'd go on a hunt for puddles to jump in, as we both find them very fun and miss the days when we were little and get as wet and dirty as we liked and nobody cared.
Unfortunately, today, the day we decided to go puddle hunting, there was a severe lackage of puddles.
Yesterday there were plenty, but I found the gumboots too late.
Despite our rain dance (we got tooted by passing cars many times) and other efforts, the weather refused to rain down on us.
Finally we found a court thing, that had a fair few splashable puddles.
But not enough.
So we decided to walk through a creek.
We had my dog on her leash with us, and the water was deeper than we expected and went up to about our waists.
Poor Bailey (my dog) had to have her first swimming lesson.
Well, perhaps it wasn't but I've never taken her swimming before, if I remember correctly.
She looked so adorable, but each time she got in the water, she would just swim to the other side.
It was very cute.

I really want a raincoat, like one of those plastic yellow ones.
A pretty one.
We went back to my house, got changed and walked to the fish and chips shop.
We were eating our chips on a bench when we encountered two muzzas that like to stalk me.
I put my head down in time, but Mia (my friend) did not know who they were and she told me after they were gone that they just stared at us.
Last time I saw them they were waiting for the bus and they decided to put up their finger at me.
The first time we met, my friends and I were sitting in Souvlaki Hut when they came in.
Two girls and a boy.
The boy and one of the girls were a couple.
They went and sat in a booth at the back where they decided to throw chips at us.
How pleasant.
Then as they left and walked past our table, they chucked their empty chip box at us.
They decided to come back and throw more chips at us.
As we left and crossed the road, they ran out after us and Lead Muzza Girl, (let us call her) the one going out with the guy, screamed out 'slut' to me.
Well I assume to me, as I was with a bunch of guys.
Then they followed us as we walked around an oval.
They caught up to us and the guy tried to start a fight with each of the guys I was with.
One would refuse, so he'd move on to the next guy etc.
It was quite funny.
Then I said, "You're cool."
And Lead Muzza Girl screams, "What did you say, bitch?"
"You're cool," I repeated.
"Why?" She demanded.
"Because you follow a bunch of randoms on your day off."
She stood there trying to think of a good comeback, failed, and laughed hysterically.
We walked off again, leaving them, and continued conversing.
Suddenly, we heard footsteps behind us and I turned around just as Lead Muzza Girl pushed me onto the road.
We kept walking, (and a lucky cooincidence, we were walking towards the police station) and they didn't come back.

Now each time I see them, sometimes alone, sometimes the couple, they give me a mega death stare.

Who does that kind of thing?

Ah well.

Sorry for boring you with that long, dreadful story.

I shall bring you back into the world of puddles, umbrellas, gumboots and raincoats.

Embrace the rain.
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xoxo Camelgirl

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