Tuesday, September 29, 2009

In this magical land behind your eyes.

Last night I slept over at my friend, Cat's.
It was good fun.
We made silly calls to many people. They weren't pranks but they were my friends that Cat didn't know, so we had some rather funny conversations.
Today we went to Savers, Value City, with my friends, Mia and Liz, in search for costumes for a dress up party we are attending. We failed in finding anything decent, but we had a jolly time trying on the most hideous outfits we could find.
After all that hard work we were hungry so we bought a scrumptious chocolate cheesecake and sat in a strip of grass next to the bike path in the middle of the road.
We created a laughing circle which is where everyone lies down with their heads on each other's stomachs until it links into a circle.
Laughter is already quite contagious, but when you can feel you friends' stomachs moving up and down as they laugh, it is even more so.

So that was good fun.

Tomorrow I'm having a sleepover with ten of my friends. It shall be mega fun, hopefully.
We plan on playing boardgames such as scrabble, karaoke, talking, eating and me and two of the friends also attending made a rather large list of truths or dares.

Maybe I will post them in a blog some time.

I love sleepovers.


They make me feel so youthful.

xoxo Camelgirl

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