Sunday, May 19, 2013

It was a love worth remembering

Top moments with GF:

-He asks me and my sister out to make up for the way he acted the previous night. We go to the Coop and he gets a bottle of Rose and a bottle opener and a packet of chips. At the checkout, my sister and I insist on giving him some money and he says, "Ooh I like that." We take our purchases and go to an "island" and have a picnic. There is still snow on the ground and I have my first ever snowball fight. Conversation is at its best and life has never felt lighter.
-We go to see C2C, a French turntable group that he introduced me to. We manage to position ourselves in one of the first rows and we have a very good view. He catches a CD that the support act throw into the audience and gives it to me. C2C play our favourite songs and we dance and sing along. We leave just before they finish so as to not get stuck in the crowd. As we drive over the bridge, 'Don't Stop Me Now' plays and I bellow the lyrics at the top of my voice. "Lau," he says as he looks into my eyes, "I hope you realise that you're my friend by now."
-We are in his basement and full of wine. It's dark and Canon in D Major is playing in the background. We dance in circles and I feel his heart beating against me.
-I finish French and he picks me up. It's a glorious day; I haven't seen that much sunshine in months. We speed along the lake road, playing our favourite songs at a very high volume. We stop in Morges (I struggle to pronounce the name of the town and he takes great pleasure in this) and walk between rows of tulips and the seemingly endless body of water. We sit on the rocks and drink wine and talk about anything and everything. He tells me about his childhood and the first girl he ever loved. I spend the whole time in awe of the view; I have fallen deeply in love with Switzerland.


  1. This is a beautiful list and a list of the most beautiful love story. Your head may be a jungle, but you are definitely deserving of his love, worth loving. "If this is you at your worst, I'd like to see you at your best". x

  2. I love this. So wonderful to hear that there is love in the world.


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