Monday, March 7, 2011

Take me out tonight.

I'm finally back, but it seems everyone else is gone. Or maybe you just all stopped loving me. (Understandably so.)

Today was another what seems to be becoming regular Maccas Monday. I really need to stop eating it and wasting my money on it, well Ti payed today but anyway. (Actually, since Chrissie is being all vego after India, I'm thinking maybe I'll try going vegetarian, for like a year, just to do it. But I'm still undecided on that.) But there were some beautiful conversations with Monk and Ti.

I've been doing so much after school in the past few weeks, actually. But it's good, keeps me happy, and stops me wasting time on the computer (though I still manage to do that anyway). Probably stops me from doing more homework though.

This is probably boring as anything but it's not like anyone is reading it, so it hardly matters.

I need need need to stop doubting myself.

xoxo Camelgirl


  1. What if you dont know who you are anymore..?

  2. FUCK YEAH BOYCOT MACCAS WITH ME. (well, actually I can't but boycot SOME maccas with me).

    And yes. I miss the blogging people! Where are they all?

    Peanut m'n'ms tomorrow?

  3. Nope, I'm not gone, and I never will be! And I definitely still love you! ;D
    Good luck w/ the vegetarian thing, even if it is for a year. I could never do it!
    Never doubt yourself. There's enough people to do that for you. So show them what you're made of. Never back down.


  4. I have much love for you otherwise i wouldn't buy you noddles. I'll try and stay away with th vegertarian thing though seeing as i broke your last "lets not eat a certain food group thing." (i still have the recite for the chesse cake)Btw this post isn't boring it's you and you're not boring. Belive me you're not boring and this doubting shit you're to wonderful for that.

    So anyway im really gald you're still here, because it was getting lonely without you and im still kinda scared of the other place. Hopefuly this isn't as messy and disjointed as i always am but it probably is.

  5. Good luck with stopping the doubt, you really shouldn't doubt your self. Your self in particular is very capable of greatness and a fabulous self in my opinion.
    With vegetarianism, if you ever need to talk about missing meat, I'm fasting & willing to listen! xo


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