Saturday, April 24, 2010

Confused about how as well.

Once upon a time, the sun and the moon were in love.
One day, the sun broke the moon's heart.
The sun remained bright and happy
But the moon only ever lived in darkness,
Grasping onto the remaining memories of the sun,
Like a silhouette.
He never stopped crying,
And still he is surrounded by his tears,
Millions of stars shining in the sky.
The moon's heart used to be so big
But now it is broken,

Sometimes when I just stare at the night sky it fills me with this sadness,
It reminds me of broken hearts and secrets,
And I think this is partly why.

But that's only sometimes,
Other times it fills me with hope and wonder.

It's so overwhelming.
xoxo Camelgirl


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  3. ahaha, number 3. I did a typo twice that really pissed me off xD

    hm, on the contrary, I love looking at the night sky, because it makes me entirely happy. So many worlds, so many different... places up there. its truly magical, stretching far beyond my imagination.

    to me, the stars are like millions of different stories and people.

    lovely post & perspective, honey.

    xx scarzz

  4. i want to make a poster or a dress or something with this story on it.

  5. this is beautiful.

    thanks for your response to my post.
    yeah i really should go for it. i'm trying to be patient though and not rush anything. its hard... lol. i'll keep your updated if anything happens haha.

    PS i always love your posts :) they're great.

  6. I can't choose whether the night sky makes me happy or sad. I think it makes me feel both.

  7. I absolutly ADORE your blog. You kinda sorta fascinate me haha :] I don't know if you have a tumblr as well but if you do i would to follow haha. my tumblr is tata :]


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