Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I didn't want to be alone.

Hello to my dear followers and anybody else reading this,
Sorry I haven't posted in ages.
I was considering stopping blogging,
I still am,
Because my head is really in a muddle,
And my words don't mean anything to anyone.

But I've decided to continue,
for now, anyway.

I recently remembered an idea I had got from Catherine when she posted this.

I thought it should be turned into a blogger tag.
So here I am, making it one.

There aren't really any rules of the bloggers anonymous tag, except, introduce/describe yourself and then tag it on to three people.

Hello, my name is Camelgirl.
I care too much about the wrongs things, and not enough about the right things. I get upset easily, and then I get mad at myself for getting upset so easily. I like doing things that make me feel alive, like dancing in the rain. I forever wish I could fly. I like words like 'whimsical' and 'fisticuffs'. I fear I am too paranoid and jealous. I love wishes and dreams.
I have no idea where I'm going in life, I just hope I end up somewhere...happy.

I tag it onto Jokerman, Cat and Maly.

xoxo Camelgirl


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Yay! fisticuffs? hmm. That IS an awesome word. ( and stop being paranoid and jealous)

  3. Very nice tag! :)
    I really need to make one some time! :)


    I love your blogs,
    and life will get easier, just stay positive and trust yourself and feel better about it, and it will (quite magically) improve x)

    xx scarzz

  5. haha, nice. i was actually planning on making this a tag, but oh well.
    thanks for linking.


  6. this is a wonderful tag. don't even dare deleting it or i shall murder you. I love the word fisticuffs. A LOT. But not as much as I love you :)
    Cat xx

  7. no, dont even think about it :D
    im glad that its being put to use, people are loving it!

  8. !


    Man, this has blown way outta proportion. Don't worry about it, hun, I'm certainly not mad at you for doing the tag! I loved it ^^

    Trust me, catherine will get over it xD

    xx scarzz

  9. I was never mad, Sabine is a FOO!
    :) i love it silly, and you did it really well :)


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