Sunday, February 14, 2010

Cassie. Is. Amazing.

The lovely Cat has tagged me to do the super fabulous Cassie's Therapy Video Tag, created by the spectacular Erimentha.

The task: fill in 12 likes, 1 love and 8 hates like Cassie in her therapy video. Below, the bolded things are what you MUST include. Also, please link it back to Eri, and link it onto 3 other blogs you admire!

Abracadabra, Wow!I like boys with nice clothes and girls with pretty voices.
I like
days that I like my hair.

I like
people who put up with my rants.

I like
seeing people's confused faces.

I like
going on picnics and playing scrabble.
I like
looking at old photos, and realising my parents had lives before they had me and my siblings.
I like increasing my vocabulary and using long words that make me feel intelligent.
I like the smell of rain and the sound of it as it hits the roof.
I like being trusted with secrets.
I like italics.
I like finding pretty dresses for $3 in the new op-shop I've found.
I like the ocassional dinners where my family feels complete again.I love how photos can make me feel.
Today I ate lots of junk food, had a great time with PBB + our VIP, and felt the love.
In some ways, I love everything.
Its less, its less of a thing to like, its less distinct, its less particular
I like things that I like but I love everything
There’s more choice in like
Cos even the worst things have things you love in them
I don’t know what you mean about things I hate
I hate
having to stop myself from crying.
I hate that she ditches us as soon as 'cooler' people come along.
 I hate time when it isn't in my favour.
I hate that I'm such a hypocrite.
I hate
how many things I can think of that I hate right now.
I hate
people that change, for the worse.
I hate waking up early but in a way, I love the world in the morning.
I hate that after all this, we've gone back to ignoring each other.
I hate this, wow. . .
I tag it onto:
-Chrissie, because although she's running out of time for me, perhaps she has time for this.
-Jokerman, because I think his answers will be interesting and maybe he'll hopefully get some followers, eventually.
-Sabine, because I love her blog in general.
xoxo Camelgirl


  1. Haha I done this tag. :)
    I'm following you. Will you follow me?

  2. Oh i know exactly what you mean with the 'cooler people'. People like that really piss me off.

  3. Hey bebs,
    I will do this soon. Thanks for tagging me.
    What are you talking about though? I still have time for you :)
    Right? Right!?


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