Monday, February 15, 2010

But if you leave, don't look back.

Today was probably the best school day so far this year.
(Although, that's not exactly saying much.)
After school I went to Brunswick St. with Couch, and we found her a pair of bathers and went on a walk.
We had a lovely talk, the only minus was we ran out of time.
It was good to have someone to talk to. 
A lot of my friends have been... busy lately.
I'm hoping that the year is already getting better.
Tonight, I might even do some homework, finally.
For my literature poem I have to compare and analyse two poems. One has to be a classic, and the other can be anything. A modern poet, or even just a poem written by a friend or something.
Any suggestions on what poems I should do?
(Or anyone who has a poem they've written that I can use?)
The only downer on today is that the Trout got mad at me because I gave her a love letter, and she's supposedly considering telling the teachers as she believes I was mocking her.
What have I done?

xoxo Camelgirl


  1. This may be going out on limb, but use that (poem?) you posted in your last post. I loved it.
    I'm following you. Will you follow me?

  2. thanks for my lovely comment! what beautiful pictures, this made me laugh. who's trout? xx

  3. glad u had an awesome day....hmm about the letter...just ignore it i guess. sounds annoying.

    :) i liked us dancing today. we rock.


  4. ps. i love your new header! HOT!

  5. I had to compare and analyse two poems for school as well! But they were both really really tough ones, so I wouldn't recommend either to you. :D

    xx Blaize.


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