Saturday, January 9, 2010

I feel like such an insomniac.

needed you to fight for me,
to look me in the eyes and say you needed me.
demand I stay,
pull me back,
force me to look into your eyes as you apologised.
But you just let me leave,
without saying a word.

I stuffed up, but so did you.
And I find it hard to look at you now,
because when I do,
I miss the light,
that used to sparkle when you looked at me,
and I see her in your eyes instead.
I'm sorry.

xoxo Camelgirl


  1. sad face.
    hope you're okay.
    PS fireflies by owl city is like the greatest song ever!

  2. Beautiful images! Are you alright? I hope everything is okay!

  3. Wow, I love your writing/poerty!

    Shame it's about a sad thing in your life, I hope 2010 brings you lots of happiness though :)


Many thanks for your feedback. :)