Monday, November 30, 2009

Summer in the city means cleavage cleavage cleavage.

Ciao bellas!
Cat tagged me for the One Lovely Blogger Award, thankyou! What I have to do for this one is list 7 things I love right now and then link it along:

1. The anticipation for summer.
2. Moulin Rouge, great movie.
3. Everything about rain.
4. Slurpees.
5. Books by Sarah Dessen.
6. The jumper my sister gave me (well I 'adopted' it).
7. Nutella.

And now I'll tag this along to: Smorginator and Elfie, as a treat when they get back from schoolies.

Oh, and I never welcomed all my new followers, I nearly have thirty!

Why do I always tell her what I don't want her to know?

It's up to you,
please don't hurt me.

I'm actually so tired.
Thursday night was band camp, Friday I went back to my friend's house and slept over, Saturday I had a drama dress rehearsal then my friend slept over at my house, Sunday we hung out with other friends and slept over at her house again.
So about 20 hours of sleep from four days.

Today, you dropped my heart,
but just before it hit the floor,
you saved it,
returning it into the air,
where it continued to soar.

Hello, summer!
Goodbye, rain.

xoxo Camelgirl


  1. love the picatures

    catherine, xox.

  2. i love the words more catherine!


  3. Mmmm mmmm, i love nutella and slurpees too. Yum. Nice post. :)
    Cat xx


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