Monday, November 2, 2009

Sorry, I haven't posted, I was at my holiday house in Phillip Island!
Shame, it wasn't particularly hot!

Anyway Cat taggeded me to do this, so here I go:

1. Where is your cell phone: In my room, on my chair.
2. Your hair: Is gross. Permanently, but currently it's in an extra bad stage. I can't wait until it grows!
3. Your favorite food: I don't really have one favourite food. I love different sorts of food.
But not seafood, mushrooms or olives. :) Haha.
4. Your dream from last night: My first nightmare in ages. I thought my mum had died but it turned out everyone was just pretending...
5. Your favorite drink: Water.
6. Your dream/goal: I don't really have one. :S
7. What room are you in: The study.
8. What are your hobbies: Playing netball, playing and listening to music, drama, reading and writing.
9. What is your fear: Hmm, many things, but they aren't really creatures or objects or that sort of thing, they're more situations or whatever.
10. Where do you want to be in 6 years: Hmm... Uni, I guess. I want to go to Melbourne Uni, it's preeety.
11. Where were you last night: Phillip Island!
12. Something you are not: A boy. Or short.
13. Muffins: Are delicious to eat and fun to cook.
14. Wish list items: Clothes, a new camera, a typewriter or a laptop.
15. Where did you grow up: Melbourne, and Katherine.
16. Last thing you did: Ate a cookie. Well technically, typed or breathed or something.
17. What are you wearing: A dress! Yay for summer!
18. Your TV: Is pretty dodgey, but it doesn't matter as I don't watch it much.
19. Your pets: Is pet (singular). A cute doggie.
20. Your friends: Are wonderful.
21. Your favorite store: Same as Cat: "Op shops and book shops. I love book shops."
I can spend hours in book shops.
22. Your favorite color: Colours shouldn't be favouritised.
But my usual response because I can't be bothered explaining that is 'yellow'.
Such a happy colour.

All done.

xoxo Camelgirl


  1. hey how was philip island? the weather was pretty nice eh?

    thanks for tagging me, i will hopefully respond before i go to bed, i also have the honesty one to do, which i filled out but wanted to put pictures in so never posted! i will soon!

    lol love morgan x

  2. Thank you for joining my little game! Please notify me when you've posted your entry, so I can read it and add you to the blogroll! :)


  3. thank you for the blogger tag! i gave you one too, haha!

    ENJOY! xoxo



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