Monday, November 16, 2009

The other day,
I lay on the bonnet of the car,
as it drove along.
The sky was the largest I've ever seen and full of stars and I couldn't stop staring.
I felt alive and yet, insignificant.
I knew the moment would never repeat itself.
I felt as if the sky was so huge if I tripped it might swallow me whole,
but instead it was embracing me.
My heart was fuller than ever before.
It reminded me of him and her and you and us.
Of magical times.
Of sorrowful times.
I was alone,
but not lonely.
I craved life more than ever before;
I wanted to wanted to hurt, I wanted to hate, I wanted to love.

I wanted to cry and laugh and dance and sing.
I wish I could have captured the feeling, the scent, the sounds, the sights and the tastes,
so that later I could  remember it all again.

I felt like I was falling,
but also flying.
I wish I had the words to describe it.

 I was invincible.

xoxo Camelgirl


  1. yes...that feeling is exceptional!
    lovely blog and a lovely post.
    have an amazing day! :)

  2. Are you crazy?! :D That sounds dangerous! Who was driving? xP

  3. They were driving ratger slowly.
    At the beach... on deserted roads.
    My family friend and my dad was in the passenger seat.

  4. Wow, I loved this.
    I think I know what you mean.
    It's like you're infinite.
    It's the best kind of wonderful!

  5. Oh I just love doing that! Even if it's stupid :P

  6. Totally what I needed to read just now...
    this is a wonderful post! I'll be sure to pop by more often :)


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