Monday, October 12, 2009

It's never too soon to send out all the invatations to the last night of your life.

I have a maths test tomorrow.

I am so so so behind.

I am incredibly screwed.


Come to my funeral, would you?

 xoxo Camelgirl


  1. I shall be sitting in the front row, weeping. Then I'll get with your boyfriend:D I'm an awesome friend.
    Cat xx

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  3. Haha, Lauren, if I didn't already know you had a boyfriend, I would now.
    Also, Harriet's brother doesn't read your blog does he? Or anyone who would talk to anyone I might mention in my blogs or comments to morgan:S

    ps. a maths test won't kill you... a maths exam maybe:S but not a maths test.

    pps. I'll be sitting in the front row, next to Cat (who will be making out with your boyfriend) and I will be so sad I can't explain with words.

  4. good luck then!
    take comfort in the fact that it is just a maths test, at least... not a whole exam! :O
    funeral?!!!! they're so depressing! haha. i'm sure you'll survive another day...

  5. ahhh being in year 9 where everything seems like the end of the world. I would love to go back. Compared to year 12, where everything IS the end of the world!! AHHH!!

  6. lol @ Chrissie's comment. Yeah i'm starting to get a tad worried that other people will read our blogs =S

  7. I've always enjoyed a good maths test, and I'm in yr 9, should I be worried? :S Oh, and this is a bit random, but I saw your comment on Jumping in Puddles and wanted to say thanks. So... thanks (and now I feel awkward).

  8. Hahaha...
    I stayed up so late finishing all the exercises and doing my cheat sheet.
    and then he decides we dont have to do one after all!
    Evil, evil man.

  9. Thankyou for all the comments, lovely!
    Awwwww I feel your pain - I hate it when I study so hard and then it doesn't happen!

  10. great header! haha, i'm always screwed for maths, i suck. big time. haha nice blog!


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