Friday, October 9, 2009

I'm on sunshine, baby.

Cityscape is over!
It was such good fun!
One of the highlights of my school year.
Today we went to ACMI and we got make this fake iPod advertisement with the green screen and then we did this sort of Thank God You're Here thing.
It was fun.

Tonight, I'm going to a performance of Chicago at Her Majesty's Theatre!
I'm so excited!
I've heard it's really good!

I love theatres.

And plays.

The only other major show I've been to was Wicked, which was super!

My mother only told my sister and I yesterday because she had won a voucher for Ticketek and it was going to expire really soon so she bought us the tickets!

I've always had this weird dream/want where I want to go to sleep in the back of a theatre at night while a performance is on, but sleep there for the night and nobody disturb me.

Odd, huh?
I guess I'll have to buy a theatre!

That'd be soo cool.




xoxo Camelgirl

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