Saturday, October 24, 2009

Honest Scrap

The beautiful Cat has tagged me for "Honest Scrap". Basically I have to inform you of ten random truths about myself, so without further ado, here I go.

1. I often 'baa' at random, inappropriate moments.
I don't exactly know why, but it's become a habit. For example when there is an awkward silence I will just 'baa' or whilst someone is telling me a random story I will 'moo'.

2. I am afraid of running out of time.
Not exactly of death, or because of it, just of not doing anything with my life, or running out of time before I do. Of running out of time before I make someone else's life better and I show the people I love that I love them. That sort of stuff.


3. Chalk and chalkboards and the feel of flour kind of freak me out.
Whenever I see or touch chalk or chalkboards shivers run down my spine.
And each time when I'm baking, and i get flour on me or have to put my hands into the flour, I shudder. In fact, when I'm cooking, I wash my hands so many times, because each time I touch flour or the egg, or some of the other ingredients I get freak out.
Yes, I know I'm weird.

4. My goal is to find a man of the name, Mr. Moo.
This dream came to me in primary school when we read the book, Mr. Moo.
I nearly gave up on it but then i met a Mr. Quach, and hope came back to me. Just to clarify, by Mr. Moo, I mean a Mr. whose last name is Moo.
So if there is a Mr. Moo reading this, or if you're reading this and you know a Mr. Moo, please notify me.

 5. I only learnt to ride a bicycle in grade five.
Or some time around then. And since then I have barely ever rode. Maybe once on a road. Next year when I go to China we go on a bike ride on some wall (not the Great Wall) and I'm rather worried I'm going to ride off the edge.
Anyway, I'm rather annoyed and ashamed at that truth. I wish I could ride a bike well.


6. I can spend ages in the library.
Call me a nerd if you like. I love reading and books, so the library is like a fantasy for me.
Whenever I convince my mum to take me there (it's a bit far to walk, especially as I'd have to walk back with a bag full of books), she's finished and I'm only just getting started. I always end up with a pile of books with way too many to borrow, so I have to sort through and leave some behind.
It's one of my favourite escape routes from reality.
When I'm older I will own my own library.

 7. I skipped grade one.
One experience I will never have.
It wasn't even because I was particularly smart, it was because I lived in the Northern Territory and there were limited teachers and the only grade one teacher, my parents really didn't like because she taught my brother really badly.

8. I am incredibly impatient and a major procrastinator and amazingly disorganised.
Those are nearly always my main negative according to my teachers (along with the fact I often get quite off topic). They always say I need to be more organised, and my parents agree.
I procrastinate nearly everything; getting off the computer, tidying my room, doing homework etc.
I'm often very impatient and have a very short attention span. 
Basically, I suck.

9. I have no idea what or who I want to be.
Some of my friends say, 'Surely you have at least some idea.'
But I really don't.
Except I know a few things I really wouldn't want to be.

 10. I had lunch with the Hooley Dooleys.
Sorry, that this truth is rather silly, but I was running out of ideas. And it is truth.
For those of you who don't know, The Hooley Dooleys are childrens entertainers/performers, like The Wiggles, but a bit less awesome.
Lucky little me got to go out for lunch with them.

I tag this onto Smorginator, Jokerman and BB.

xoxo Camelgirl


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  2. Ok missy, I have some things to say:
    a) Your truths are waay better than mine. Grr.
    b) Number 1 is so annoying, please stop :)
    c) The Hooley Doolies are not less awesome than the Wiggles! SHAME! How come you got to have lunch with them?
    d) I heart you :D
    Cat xx

  3. hehe, i was also a late learner in riding the bike... i think i was in year 6/7 when i actually learned? i love bike riding, but often i am too lazy to go do it. sigh!
    i love the library too! it's my dream to have my own personal one when i'm older.
    x michelle

  4. wow this is a fucking amazing post!

    i didnt know you lived in the nt! and skipped yr 1, nor did i know you only learnt to ride a bike in grade 5.

    im scared of running out of time too.


  5. those are some awesome facts!! and awesome pics =)

    the hooley dooleys wow.

    i will do my post sometime today or tomorrow i really need to study lol oh well. but thank you for tagging me!!

    love morgan


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